Part A - General Abbreviations

Part B - Titles of Current Scholarly Periodicals

Part A: General Abbreviations

œ/s/d pounds/shillings/pence
[ ] information not to be found within the periodical
( ) information for clarification
? information that is in doubt, or unavailable
9999 a date in the 20th century
/a per annum (year)
a annually
adv advertisements
Black Black, George F. (comp). A List of Works Relating to Scotland. New York: New York Public Library, 1916.
b/m/d births/marriages/deaths
BUCOP British Union Catalogue of Periodicals; A Record of the Periodicals of the World, from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day, in British Libraries. London: Butterworth Scientific Publications, 1955-1958.
Buttress Buttress, Frederick Arthur. Agricultural Periodicals of the British Isles, 1681-1900, and their Location. Pp.15. Cambridge: School of Agriculture, 1950.
c. circa
cm centimeters
Colindale Catalogue Colindale Newspaper Library Catalogue. London, 1975.
Co of County of
d pence
E. East
E.C. East Central
Egoff Egoff, Sheila. Children's Periodicals of the Nineteenth Century, A Survey and Bibliography. Pp. 55. London: Library Association Pamphlet, No. 8, 1951.
Faxon Faxon, Frederick Winthrop. Literary Annuals and Gift Books: A Bibliography, 1823-1903. Reported [from the original 1912 edition] with supp. essays by Eleanore Jamieson & Iain Bain. Private Libraries Assn, 1973.
fol folio (over 30cm outside height)
Grant Grant, James R. The Newspaper Press, Its Origin, Progress and Present Position: The Metropolitan Weekly and Provincial Press. 3 vols. London: George Routledge and Sons, 1871.
Harrison Harrison, R., G. Woolen and R. Duncan (comp). The Warwick Guide to British Labour Periodicals 1790-1970: A Checklist. Pp.xxii+685. Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities P. & Hassocks Harvester Press, 1977.
Hope Hope, Frederick William. Catalogue of a Collection of Early Newspapers and Essayists Formed by the Late John Thomas Hope, Esq. and Presented to the Bodleian Library by Frederick Wm. Hope. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1865.
IB The Irish Book Lover. Dublin: Colm O Lochlainn. Vols 1-32 no.6; Aug 1909-Sep 1957.  
imp imperfect
inc incomplete
Layton Layton, Charles and Edwin. Handy Newspaper List.  London: C. & E. Layton, 1912.
Leiper Leiper, R.T. Periodicals of Medicine & the Allied Sciences in British Library. London: British Medical Assoc., 1923.
œ pounds
Lib library
/m per month
m monthly
mic microfilm
Mitchell's Mitchell's Newspaper Press Directory and Advertiser's Guide. London, 1846- . [Annual].
NCBEL New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature.  5 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1969-1977.
no number
nos numbers
N. North
N.C. North Central
Norrie Norrie, William. Edinburgh Newspapers, Past and Present. Earlston, 1891.
[ns] new series
pt part
post pd post paid
pp pages
/q per quarter
q quarterly
s shillings
[s] series
S. South
[sic] information recorded strictly as found
SNQ Scottish Notes and Queries. 1st series vols 11-12 (1898-1899); 2nd series vols 1-8 (Jul 1899-Jun 1907); 3rd series vols 1-13 (1923-Dec 1935).
Sper Sper, Felix. The Periodical Press of London, Theatrical and Literary, Excluding the Daily Newspaper, 1800-1830. p.58. Boston: F.W. Faxon, 1937.
st stamped
Stratman Stratman, Carl Joseph. A Bibliography of British Dramatic Periodicals, 1720-1960. Pp. 58. New York: New York Public Library, 1962.
Sullivan Sullivan, Alvin. British Literary Magazines. 3 vols. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1983, 1984.
supp supplement
T of C table of contents
TTH Times Tercentenary Handlist of English & Welsh Newspapers, Magazines and Reviews. London: The Times, 1920.
Uffelman Uffelman, Larry K. "The Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press in Britain." Victorian Periodicals Review. Summer, 1992.
un unbound
unst unstamped
/vol per volume
vol volume
vols volumes
VPN Victorian Periodicals Newsletter. vol 1-11. 1968-1978. Toronto: Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. Later VPR.
VPR Victorian Periodicals Review. vol 12- . Spring 1979- . Toronto: Research Society for Victorian Periodicals.
w weekly
W. West
W.C. West Central
Ward Ward, Wm. Smith. Index and Finding List of Serials Published in the British Isles 1789-1832. Lexington, 1953.
White White Jr., Robert B. (ed). The English Literary Journal to 1900: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale, 1977.
WIVP Houghton, Walter Edwards, ed. The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals 1824-1900; Tables of Contents and Identification of Contributors, with Bibliographies of their Articles and Stories.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press; London: Routledge & K. Paul, [1966+].
4to quarto (25-30cm outside height)
8vo octavo (20-25cm outside height)
12mo duodecimo (12.5-20cm outside height)
16o sextodecimo (15-17.5cm outside height)
18mo octodecimo (12.5-15cm outside height)
32mo trigesimo-secundo (10-12.5cm outside height)
48mo quadragesimo-octavo (7.5-10cm outside height)
64mo sexagesimo-quarto (less than 7.5cm outside height)

Part B: Abbreviations of Titles of Journals

ABCAmerican Book Collector
ABMRAntiquarian Book Monthly Review
ABNArnold Bennett Newsletter
AgHRAgricultural Historical Review
AHRAmerican Historical Review
AJSAmerican Journal of Sociology
ANHArchives of Natural History
ArchRArchitecture Review
ASAntiquities of Sunderland
ASSAHAnglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History
ATRAnglican Theological Review
AURAberdeen University Review
BBBulletin of Bibliography
BCBook Collector
BHBusiness History
BIHRBulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
B:IQBlake: An Illustrated Quarterly
BISBrowning Institute Sudies
BJByron Journal
BJREBritish Journal of Religious Education
BJRULMBulletin ... John Rylands Univ Library of Manchester
BLH:EMRBulletin of Local History: East Midland Region
BLJBritish Library Journal
BLNLNBritish Library Newspaper Library Newsletter
BLRBodleian Library Record
BLUKBooks and Libraries at the University of Kansas
BMBlackwood's Magazine
BMQBritish Museum Quarterly
BNYPLBulletin of the New York Public Library
BPSIBulletin of the Presbyterian Society of Ireland
BQBaptist Quarterly
BRHBulletin of Research in the Humanities
BSFBall State Forum
BSJBaker Street Journal
BSMBaker Street Miscellany
BSUFBall State University Forum
BurlingMBurlington Magazine
CBELCambridge Bibliography of English Literature
CCCake and Cockhorse
CJHCanadian Journal of History
CLCountry Life
CLBCharles Lamb Bulletin
CLQColby Library Quarterly
CLSComparative Literature Studies
CNCarlyle Newsletter
CompLComparative Literature
CQCritical Quarterly
CRContemporary Review
CVECahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens
CWHCivil War History
DAIDissertation Abstracts International
DCN&QDevon and Cornwall Notes and Queries
DHDevon Historian
DMDerbyshire Miscellany
DownRDownside Review
DQDickens Quarterly
DRDalhousie Review
DSADickens Studies Annual
DSNDickens Studies Newsletter
DUJDurham University Journal
DUMDurham Uviversity Magazine
EAEtudes Anglaises
EHREnglish Historical Review
EICEssays in Criticism
ELHELH: Journal of English Literary History
ELNEnglish Language Notes
ELTEnglish Literature in Transition
EMEnglish Miscellany
EngSEnglish Studies (Amsterdam)
ESEnglish Studies
ESAEnglish Studies in Africa
ESCEnglish Studies in Canada
FAMFontes Artes Musicae
FSFeminist Studies
GHGarden History
GNGissing Newsletter
HARHumanities Association Review
HEHistory of Education (Britain)
HJHistorical Journal
HLBHarvard Library Bulletin
HLQHuntington Library Quarterly
HPEHistory of Political Economy
HQHopkins Quarterly
HTHistory Today
HWHistory Workshop
HWJHistory Workshop Journal
IRSHInternational Review of Social History
JAHJournal of Advertising History
JBSJournal of British Studies
JCSJournal of Canadian Studies
JEGPJournal of English and Germanic Philology
JFHSJournal of the Friends' Historical Society
JHIJournal of the History of Ideas
JJQJames Joyce Quarterly
JLJournal of Librarianship
JLCBWHSJrnl Lancashire & Cheshire Branch of the Wesley Hist Soc
JMHJournal of Modern History
JNPHJournal of Newspaper and Periodical History
JPCJournal of Popular Culture
JPHSJournal of the Printing Historical Society
JPRSJournal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies
JSHJournal of Sport History
JTHJournal of Transport History
JURCHSJournal of the United Reformed Church History Society
JWMSJournal of the William Morris Society
KanQKansas Quarterly
KSJKeats-Shelley Journal
KSMABKeats-Shelley Memorial Association Bulletin
KSMBKeats-Shelley Memorial Bulletin
KSRKeats-Shelley Review
LCLibrary Chronicle (Texas)
LCASTLancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society Transactions
LeicHLeicestershire Historian
LHLocal Historian
LibCLibrary Chronicle (University of Pennsylvania)
LibHLibrary History
LitHLiterature and History
L:JWLHLlafur: Journal of Welsh Labour History
LLLincolnshire Life
LongRLong Room:Bulletin...Friends...Library of Trinity Col Dublin
LQLibrary Quarterly
LRLibrary Review
LSLLocal Studies Librarian
MHMidland History
MLRModern Language Review
MNLMill News Letter
MPModern Philology
N&QNotes & Queries
NCBELNew Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature
NCFNineteenth-Century Fiction
NCLNineteenth-Century Literature
NHNorthern History
NLWJNational Library of Wales Journal
NMNeuphilologische Mitteilungen
NPPNorthamptonshire Past and Present
OEPOxford Economic Papers
PBSAPapers of the Bibliographical Society of America
PHPublishing History
PIAProceedings of the Irish Academy
PLPrivate Library
PLLPapers on Language and Literature
PMPeriodica Musica
PPPast and Present
PQPhilological Quarterly
PRRPre-Raphaelite Review
PSProse Studies 1800-1900
PULCPrinceton University Library Chronicle
PWHSProceedings of the Wesley Historical Society
QJLCQuarterly Journal of the Library of Congress
QQQueen's Quarterly
RSResearch Studies (Washington State University)
RUSRice University Studies
SAQSouth Atlantic Quarterly
SatNSatire Newsletter
SBStudies in Bibliography
SBHCStudies in Browning and His Circle
SELStudies in English Literature: 1500-1900
SFSScience Fiction Studies
SGMScottish Geographical Magazine
SHRScottish Historical Review
ShRShaw Review
SIBStudies in Browning
SIRStudies in Romanticism
SLJScottish Literary Journal
SNStudies in the Novel
SouthRSouthern Review (Australia)
SPStudies in Philology
SRSewanee Review
SSFStudies in Short Fiction
SSLStudies in Scottish Literature
SSLHBSociety for the Study of Labour History Bulletin
TCBSTrans of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society
TCWAASTrans...Cumberland and Westmorland Arch & Antiq Soc
TDHSTransactions of the Denbighshire Historical Society
TLSTimes Literary Supplement
TRBTennyson Research Bulletin
TRHSTransactions of the Royal Historical Society
TSLTennessee Studies in Literature
TSLLTexas Studies in Literature and Language
TSWLTulsa Studies in Women's Literature
TUHSTransactions of the Unitarian Historical Society
UFLUlster Folk Life
UMPWSUniversity of Michigan Papers in Women's Studies
URLBUniversity of Rochester Library Bulletin
UTQUniversity of Toronto Quarterly
VIJVictorians Institute Journal
VNVictorian Newsletter
VPVictorian Poetry
VPNVictorian Periodicals Newsletter (later VPR)
VPRVictorian Periodicals Review (earlier VPN)
VSVictorian Studies
VSANVictorian Studies Association Newsletter (Ontario)
VSAWCNVictorian Studies Assoc of Western Canada Newsletter
WCWordsworth Circle
WHRWelsh History Review
WMSWest Midland Studies
WRWascana Review
YESYearbook of English Studies
YULGYale University Library Gazette

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