To my friends and colleagues among the membership of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals I owe much for their ongoing confidence over the thirty years since I joined them. The great variety of their interests, and the very different kinds of generous help they have given, have been invaluable encouragement. Especially I wish to thank Rosemary Van Arsdel and J. Don Vann, who at various crisis points have expressed their support.

      One of the rewards of this task has been the opportunity to work with librarians throughout Great Britain. The late John Jolliffe, then Librarian of the Bodley, Oxford, was helpful at a stage when the project seemed at a pause. He, Gwen Averley and Frank Robinson, working together on the Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue, offered wise and energetic advice for this Directory. David Vaisey, who followed John Jolliffe at the Bodley, and Michael Turner, of the Bodley's Department of Printed Books, were always helpful. Mr. J.M. Smethurst, Director General of the British Library, and John Westmancott, followed by Geoffrey Smith, of the Colindale Newspaper Branch of the British Library, accommodated us over several years' work in their facilities. The day-to-day graciousness of the many librarians who answered our interminable questions has been ongoing refreshment throughout our task.

      I am grateful to the British Library for permission to reproduce the title pages of newspapers and periodicals found herein.

      The University of Waterloo has provided resources and expertise which have smoothed our pathway. Victor Neglia, Director of the Arts Computing Office, has ensured that facilities are available and functioning. He and Carl Hennig, of the Modern Language Lab, have unerringly advised me about the many changes in computing. The many times I have interrupted their daily routines they have cheerfully helped resolve my difficulties.

      The people with whom I have had the privilege of working in the data collection and analysis of this Directory have been an ideal team: Beth Jost, Susan Culp, Sonya Culp, Gina Unger, Beth Baumann, Hui Yao-Zhu, Xuandong Zhu, Shaoming Huang, Laura Ponti-Scargi, Ramon Rempel, Ron Franzen, Terri Venturino, Martin Lacoste. They have proven able to bear great loads with light hearts and persistence. Beth, Susan, and most recently Hui Yao, have handled the office management routines with flair. In particular Brent Nelson has assisted in the supervision of the dozens of student assistants: in training them, verifying their work, scouting for the secondary resources which have provided more than half the data of this Series 1.

   To Roberta my wife I owe most, for the patience and steady good cheer of her companionship.

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