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Problem: Nothing happens when I click Login.
Answer: Try pressing the enter key instead of clicking on the Login button.
Another Answer: Some browsers don't work so well: try the Login form below.

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Problem: The system says I have timed out even though I just logged in.
Answer: Make sure you have Javascript Enabled.
Another Answer: Make sure you have 'cookies enabled'. Sometimes they may be called 'server side cookies' or 'per session cookies'.

Problem: The system says "Unknown UserID or Invalid Password"
Answer: Check your UserID and Password to ensure you are spelling them correctly.
Another Answer: If you don't remember your UserID and Password, we will email them to you, click here.
Another Answer: Is your login for Victorian Periodicals Series 1 or Victorian Periodicals Series 3?

Problem: I cannot see the Login page.
Answer: Are you connected to the internet? Try browsing to Yahoo or the University Of Waterloo.
        If this doesn't work you need to connect to the internet first.

Problem: I've tried everything and I still can't use the system.
Answer: Fill out this error report and one of our technical staff will attempt to help.

Problem: My IP range should be automatically logged in, but it is not.
Answer: Please view this debug page. This will show the IP address you are currently using, and if it is registered in our system.

UserID: I have sucessfully used the system before

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