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Welcome to The Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800-1900, a subject-inclusive, language-inclusive bibliography of 50,000 publications, 48,000 personal names, 4,572 issuing bodies and 756 subjects. Editor John S. North.
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Reproduced by permission, British Newspaper Library
  Interesting Record: Illustrated Tid-Bits
  "'The Largest Penny Illustrated Paper in the World' was the claim Davis and Marshall made for their Illustrated Tid-Bits, a sixteen paged penn'orth which began on 4 October 1884, and began again on 17 January 1885 as Illustrated Bits after George Newnes brought a law suit. There were other dramas during this comic's career, including changes of Publisher, Editor, policy, and size; but it also introduced the first deliberate attempt to discover strip cartoonists. Editor 'Bimbo' ran a Grand Prize Comic Tableaux Competition offering one pound for 'six small comic tableaux illustrating a story'. And so, besides creating a new field for artists, Bimbo coined the earliest known term for the comic strip - and acquired a supply of them at less than going rates!" (Gifford, 'Victorian', p.9)

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