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Boys and Girls;

vol 1 no 1, 30 Jul 1887 - vol 1 no 17, 19 Nov 1887
then:  Boys of the United Kingdom. vol 1 no 1, [ns?] 26 Nov 1887 - vol 1 no 22, 21 Apr 1888//

Glasgow,Lanarkshire (1888)
London,Middlesex (1887)


Samuel Dacre Clarke (pseudo "Guy Rayner") 1887)


J.S. Turner and Co
H. Pickering (1888)
Pickering and Inglis (1900)


Shaw and Co


John Anderson
W. Bridgen
Samuel Dacre Clarke (psuedo "Guy Rayner")
W.F. Heming
Edwin S. Hope


29cm, 16pp


1d (1887-1888)


weekly (Sat); monthly


illustrations, engravings (b/w)


serial fiction, complete stories, correspondence, our portfolio, the sphinx, scraps, advertisements, short stories, fiction, enigmas, metagrams, charades, scraps


Incorporated with Across the Seas:a missionary paper for young people


Egoff, "Children's Periodicals of the Nineteenth Century" p.55; Mitchell's Newspaper Press Directory.


Kirkpatrick, From the Penny Dreadful.; VPR 19:2, p.65.


Children's high class paper; "It is our ambition - and a worthy one, we trust - to provide a paper for the young of both sexes which shall be absolutely free of anything likely to either ways or excite the mind wrongfully, while specially appealing to boys and girls of all ages, we venture to hope that young men and women, parents, and even grandparents, will not deem an hour idly spent in perusing this journal....[N]ew and smartly-written stories will be introduced from time to time, and every variety of subject interesting to the young will be carefully considered; while, with our monthly parts, we purpose issuing coloured plates on a scale of magnificence never before attempted in connection with serial journalism....We shall also be glad to receive letters from our young friends, and, if necessary, acknowledge them in 'Our Portfolio'" (To the Reader 1:1, p.14).
"In our next issue we propose making extraordinary attractions....and no 1 of the New Series is now ready, under the taking title of The Boys of the United Kingdom and will be published regularly every Thursday. No 1 of the New Journal is full of Charming Stories and Illustrations, and will be found to be one of the most entertaining periodicals of the day. Do not fail to procure a copy at once" (Important Notice to our Readers 1:17, p.272).
Clarke intended to design a periodical for both sexes, but he "seriously misjudged the market" and he re-launched the title as Boys of the United Kingdom to shift it to appeal more directly to boys (Kirkpatrick 197).


complete runs: LO/N-1 A; partial runs: ED/U-1 1:1 (1887); ED/N-1 A 1:1 (1887); sec BUCOP.; full text available at CENGAGE (26 Nov 1887-21 Apr 1888)

Reproduced by permission, British Library

Reproduced by permission, British Library

Reproduced by permission, British Library
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